beer Garden WallAsahiBeer_diagramAsahi_windowtexture_Asahi Beer Garden
AsahiBeerGarden_Koh_HataThis beer garden in Tokyo formed a part of the Asahi Art Festival 2002 and fulfilled the festival theme - harvests of mountain and river. Materials had arrived here at Azuma Bridge all the way from Kurikoma forest.

Photograph © Koh Hata
AsahiBeerGarden2_Koh_HataPhotograph © Koh Hata
AsahiBeerGarden_diagram1Jutaku-Kenchiku magazine August 2002

AsahiBeerGarden3_Koh_HataJutaku-Kenchiku magazine August 2002

Photograph © Koh Hata
AsahiBeerGardenSiteIn olden days, cedar wood played a significant role for development of Edo culture. It came back to the city of Tokyo once again. This was a temporary event place so that all materials were returned or recycled.