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February 2018
CMCC Passivhaus Cohousing with Anne Thorne Architects - the construction is ongoing.
Timber structure, 23 houses and flats with a common house in Colchester.

February 2018
Coach house renovation - Technical design stage.
A house with original stone walls, new timber truss roofs and extensions. Near Bath.

Since December 2015

Finalist UK Passivhaus Awards 2016 - project gallery

House in York was awarded Passivhaus by the Passivhaus Institute, the certifier WARM Low Energy Building Practice. The photograph is Junko with the PH plaque in front of the house, being very glad especially by meeting with the client, contractor and design team Anne Thorne Architects at a three-month after completion meeting. Glad to know that the contractor has got another Passivhaus project in York as the skills could be used and spreaded.
More photographs are expected in Spring when the external area becomes an orchard.

Suetake Studio 2 worked for Anne Thorne Architects to conduct detail design for tender and construction, PHPP, Passivhaus design for certification and contract administration.

Meanwhile we are working on the technical design stage for a challenging and exciting Passivhaus cohousing project, 23 units in Colchester, as described below.

October - November 2015
CMCC/Anne Thorne Architects' Passivhaus cohousing scheme in Colchester is in technical design stage.
New house in North of London is in Planning stage.
Low energy retrofit and extension in West of London - technical design stage is complete.
Visited the Passivhaus B&B and two Passivhaus construction sites by PHH/CTT, a member of 15-40, in Devon.
15-40 had a stand at the UK Passivhaus Conference 2015.
24 September 2015
We had a 15-40 meeting for catching up and discussion about details and theories.
22 September 2015
Low energy retrofit project for a house in Kent, in association with Green Tomato Energy for tender stage is complete.
21 September 2015
Good Homes Alliance event "learning from the last 5 years and plans for the next 5 years".
September 2015
A new house in North of London, design and report for pre-Planning-application is complete.
Passivhaus projects: under construction in York, technical design stage for CMCC cohousing.
East of London low energy retrofit project, under construction.
August 2015
A Passivhaus in York already achieved the required standard of airtightness. The work continues until September with Anne Thorne Architects LLP.
Passivhaus cohousing scheme in Colchester won the Planning approval. The work with Anne Thorne Architects will resume soon.
West of London, low energy retrofit project is in progress.
A 15-40 meeting at Prewett Bizley Architects for catching up and questions for details.

July 2015
East of London low energy retrofit scheme, Brief Design Stage is complete.
Great news was heard from Cayford Architecture Ltd. A Pavilion in a school was awarded to the AECB Silver low energy standard. We worked on PHPP and energy consultancy for the certification.
15 June 2015
Duty planner service meeting for a low energy retrofit project in East of London, for whole house retrofit with external insulation and extension.
June 2015
 Visits to local archives for 2 houses of retrofit projects. It is always interesting to know the history of building.
Client meetings and survey at their houses.
2 June 2015
Site visit to Kitto Road by Cornerplot Developments Ltd. Beautiful 2 new houses have been emerging at the corner pocket site.
We have worked on PHPP and energy consultancy.
1 June 2015
Afternoon at Passivhaus Trust Tutorial,
May 2015
In London: We have issued a Detailed Design package on Passivhaus extension project with CTT, a 15-40 member. A monthly 15-40 meeting talked over details on this project.
In York: Passivhaus construction site went into the 1st-fix stage. Roofing has been almost done.
East and West London: Mobilisation stage to kick-off low-energy retrofit projects.
Then, Japan: Interesting exchanges are ongoing with a Japanese natural material brand, potentially being available in the UK. They use volcanic ashe, which seems plenty there!
London: Great news was heard from Cayford Architecture Ltd,
a Pavilion in a school is nearing completion. - Suetake Studio 2 worked for the low energy standard on the Passivhaus Planning Package and details. This awaits award to the AECB Silver Standard.
April 2015
A monthly site meeting of a Passivhaus project (brick cavity wall, detached house) with Anne Thorne Architects LLP.
Working on a Passivhaus extension project in London with CTT, a 15-40 member.
Junko has been to Germany for the 19th International Passivhaus Conference in Leipzig.
Consultancy work on a plot for low-energy house in Japan.

27 March 2015
Feasibility study of a Victorian house extension was completed.
A list of tape/adhesive/membrane (for airtightness work) made by the contractor of a Passivhaus project in York was checked and returned with comments.

26 March 2015
    PHPP (Passivhaus Planning Package) update for a potential AECB Sliver Standard project.
25 March 2015
    Very productive site meeting for a Passivhaus project. The first floor joists are installed.
24 March 2015
    A 15-40 meeting with a full house by member companies.
27 February 2015
    Wrapping up the planning application for 23 dwellings, Passivhaus project, with Anne Thorne Architects.
Meanwhile, approval works are underway for timber joists and the ventilation system of the York Passivhaus project.

25 February 2015
    Site visit for a Passivhaus project in York. (Block work up to the first floor level. ) Meanwhile, the Colchester Cohousing Passivhaus project with Anne Thorne Architects appeared on a national media.
A 15-40 meeting in Islington in the evening. Briefing
Passivhaus Trust Masterclass Advanced PHPP and Complex Design
21 February 2015
    Project site survey in London with a member of 15-40

14 February 2015
    Checking delivered materials on site in York- Passivhaus Quality Assurance

13 February 2015
    Drafting Environmental Sustainability Report on a cohousing project

9 February 2015
    Atending Advanced PHPP and Complex Design - a full day Passivhaus Trust Masterclass, London
     - About district heating, DHW estimation, ventilation, optimisation, future climate and so on.
6 February 2015
    A Passivhaus project on site in York- approval work for joists and windows.
    Window performance improvement proposal for a timber structure listed building. 
5 February 2015
    3D Land re-modelling work on a Passivhaus cohousing project about 2ha
30 January 2015
    Site visit in Colchester, Passivhaus cohousing scheme
29 January 2015
    Passivhaus Trust Technical Panel + Patron member meeting
    AECB+Passivhaus Trust event - How low to go with retrofit ? The debate by Robert Prewett, a member of 15-40, Prewett Bizley Architects and other PH Trust and AECB members
21 January 2015
    Site visit for a Passivhaus project. The 1st meeting of the construction stage